New England Biological Safety Association

Happy National Biosafety Month - October 2016!  

NEBSA Membership

To join NEBSA, please visit this link and provide your contact information.  New members will be added to the NEBSA member list.  Members receive email notices about upcoming NEBSA sponsored events, job opportunities and regulatory information.   NEBSA does not currently charge a membership fee.

Once member contact info is updated, NEBSA is planning to move to a secure, searchable membership directory where each person can update their own information and opt in/out of emails.   We anticipate that benefits of this system will include better records of membership dates and status, streamlined registration for the NEBSA Symposium and other NEBSA events, and the capability for members to update their own info, ensuring that contact info is always up to date. 

As part of the implementation of this new membership system, NEBSA may consider changing its bylaws to institute a nominal membership fee.   Included in the survey at the link above is a question about member status.  We understand that some people on our mailing list may not want to pay the nominal fee to be an active member but may still want to stay informed about NEBSA events and activities by email.  If that is your situation, please select Lapsed Member  

We are requesting that everyone receiving this survey please take the time to complete it by February 29, 2020. Anyone not providing the requested information by that date will no longer be assumed to be a NEBSA member and will be removed from the NEBSA mailing list. Remember that as part of the survey you can express your desire to remain as an active member with full member privileges, or be reclassified as a “lapsed member” if you just want to be informed of NEBSA events.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions to .


NEBSA is a professional organization which aims to promote knowledge of biological safety and to support those working in the field of biosafety.  NEBSA provides local educational and networking opportunities in the New England region for those with an interest in biological safety.  Formed in 1996, NEBSA is an affiliate of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA International).

NEBSA Board Members

President:   Ted Myatt
Secretary:  Anne Sallee
Treasurer:   Pari Arokiaraj

     Julian Farland

     Jessica Healey

     Judy LaDuc

     Laura Mark

     Mary Sabolefski 

Social Media Coordinator:  William Greene

Membership Coordinator:  John Tonkiss

Website Coordinator:  Rhonda O'Keefe